Now that you’ve gotten to know our dragon characters a little better, how about making a dragon character of your own? Below we have a written exercise sheet where you can answer some fun questions about your dragon, like what its favorite color is, where it lives, and what its roar sounds like!

There’s also a drawing sheet for you to draw your own dragon! If you are a little shy about drawing free-hand, you can use the tracing templates provided. Just stick the template under the drawing sheet, trace the lines, and you are good to go! Use whatever drawing media you have–pens, pencils, crayons, markers, chalk pastels, or all of them. Be as creative as you want.

If you want to just color in Sofia, as well as all of our other dragon characters, we are working on a coloring book section that will be opening soon. 🙂

Hint: to open the PDF files for printing, click on the captions located at the bottom of each image.