Carefree, clumsy, and brave are the words that best describe this sweet little dragon, our main character.  Sofia is shyer than her outgoing older sister, Fruity Delicious.  However, she gets along well with everyone most of the time.  While she likes playing with others, sometimes she just wants to curl up in the willow tree and dream.  Sofia believes in learning from mistakes,  so she will always try again.  And bullies, beware: Sofia gets pretty fired up when pushed too hard!  Her best friend is Sweety Tweety, because they are each other’s cheer-dragon.  She loves singing and dancing, eating salmon and pineapple, and telling stories about the Snarkles.

Sweety Tweety

Cheerful, outgoing, and loud, this little dragon has guts. Sweety Tweety isn’t afraid to speak her mind or stick up for the under-dragon.  She believes that anyone can do anything as long as they are determined. Her favorite game is hide-and-seek; out of all the dragons, she is best at hiding and seeking! She is also a full-time pest to her older brother, Whitey Wheaty! Sofia is her best friend, because they support each other, always.  Sweety Tweety loves wandering the wild wicket wood, eating sugar corn and salt roses, and encouraging all dragons in whatever they do.

Fruity Delicious

As bright and bubbly as she is tall and pretty, this little dragon is a social bee.  Fruity Delicious is very active: she likes to play flying tag over the swamp and have swimming contests in the lake by the coral cave.  Other times, she makes flower crowns with her friends and dreams of her crush, Whitey Wheaty.  While adores her little sister, Sofia, sometimes Fruity Delicious wishes to play without her!  Her best friend is Veggie Go-Go, because he makes her laugh and appreciates her chatty nature.  She loves gliding in the air, eating salt roses and citrus, and falling asleep to Mother Dragon’s night-time stories.

Meaty Greedy

Sturdy and hard-headed, this little dragon isn’t bad, but mischief sure follows him everywhere!  The oldest of the rambunctious dragons, Meaty Greedy can be a bit of a bully; however, he never means any harm, and is willing to make amends.  As Veggie Go-Go’s brother, he is protective of his goofy sibling, though that doesn’t stop Meaty Greedy from poking fun.  His best friend is Whitey Wheaty, because they both like to play rough-and-tumble.  Meaty Greedy’s favorite game is flying tag.  He loves hunting for treasures, eating fish and lamb, and spending time with Granpaw D.

Veggie Go-Go

Laid-back, lovable, and silly, this little dragon is the joker of the group.  Whether Granpaw D is teaching him about the plants in the meadow, or Sofia is tripping over a tree root, Veggie Go-Go finds the humor in everything. No matter what happens, his mellow mood makes his friends smile. Veggie also loves to play jokes on his tough big brother, Meaty Greedy. Fruity Delicious is Veggie’s best friend, because she likes his jokes and encourages him to be himself. He loves the circus, eating sea squash and spinach, and hiding from Granpaw D’s lessons.

Whitey Wheaty

Witty, handsome, and strong,  this little dragon is the charmer. Whitey Wheaty dazzles the other dragons with his smile, and he takes pride in being smart and helpful! Whitey Wheaty is a little clueless about Fruity Delicious, though, and finds her affection annoying.  As much as Whitey Wheaty complains about his baby sister, Sweety Tweety, he would do anything for her. His best friend is Meaty Greedy, because neither is afraid of a little adventure, and they both like making mayhem! Whitey Wheaty loves hanging out by the lake, eating barley and sunflower seeds, and listening to scary stories about strange creatures and far-off lands.

Mother Dragon

Gentle-yet-firm, wise, and kind, this devoted dragon is the parent of Fruity Delicious and Sofia.  Mother Dragon–known as “Mama” to her children–is very patient with her daughters, and she can be quite clever when it comes to helping them learn.  She strives to instill charity, compassion, and confidence in both young dragons.  While her hatchlings play, Mother Dragon likes to hunt, sunbathe atop the coral cave, and glide on warm breezes.  Occasionally, she will seek Granpaw D’s advice on plants to make medicine, and sometimes she will stay even longer to hear his folk stories.  Mother Dragon loves caring for her children, eating prickle plums and fish, and stargazing on summer nights.